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Dreading the drive back to Pittsburgh right now.

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I’ve been talking to Mark for a while now. He’s becoming more and more relevant in my life, and this past weekend. I spent literally every night with him, minus one. From Thursdays to Today I’ve pretty much been with him. It’s all been really nice too, he talks a lot which is nice because I often find himself with a lack of words. He doesn’t seem to mind it when I get quiet either.

I drove there- and stayed the night Thurday and stayed until Saturday. Then Saturday night I went to David’s saw him for a bit then drove back to my parents and went to sleep. The next day, I bought Mark Taco Bell for lunch and brought it to him while he was working. I then spent the rest of that day with him, that night I went to a weird get together with his friends. We got drunk, and went to sleep. 

Today, I spent the day with him. He was extremely hungover while I was just fairly hungover. We spent most of our day in bed. Cuddling and watching weird movies. 

I’m not sure what’s going on between the two of us right now, but I’m happy with it.

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It really fucks me off when people talk about calories and shit at dinner.

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My first week of school went well. I can already see where the problems are going to be though, but it’s nothing that I can’t work out.

For the most part, I love my classes, and that’s a big thing. I’m learning the bus system- it’s scary and super confusing. Especially, since I can’t seem to figure out what bus I’m supposed to take to get BACK to where I’m staying. I’ll get there- I hope.

As for where I’m staying. It’s kind of miserable. I have a lack of privacy which kinda fucks me off a lot. That’s something major that I need in my life. On top of that, my “roommate” is kind of really obnoxious at times.

That’s a living situation I’m working on changing. Things are difficult right now, but it’s temporary. 

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A massive update on my life.


I might actually break this into parts because there is a lot that’s happening and it’s going to be hard to remember it all at once.

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Anonymous: congrats on getting accepted, hope it goes well


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I have to go downstairs and face them at some point.

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You know he cares when he orders your half of the pizza without cheese and with green peppers. Then proceeds to watch South Park and play Pokemon with you for the night.


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Drinks, family, and the final days of summer.

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Morning cuddling

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